Taurus Mountains of Lycia over Kalkan

"Looking back over twenty-five years of exploration in Anatolia, I remember with most pleasure my journeys in Lycia... the country has, at least for me, a fascination not equaled elsewhere.  The scenery is impressive, often spectacular, and seen by moonlight is out of this world; and the ancient monuments, especially of course the tombs, have a quality of their own."

George Bean, Lycian Turkey

"Take a blind man to Lycia, and he’ll immediately know from the smell of the air exactly where he is. The acrid perfume of lavender, the pungent fragrance of wild mint and thyme, will tell him."

Cevat Şakir "Fisherman of Halicarnassus",
famous Turkish author

Southwest Turkey, along and inland from the popular "Turquoise Coast", was home to the ancient Lycians who were one of the most enigmatic people of antiquity.  Although little historical record has been left behind them, what has been discovered reveals fascinating people culturally distinct from the rest of the ancient world.  Around twenty major sites remain today with the Lycians' unusual funerary architecture dominating the breathtaking unspoiled land of Lycia.