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above all kinds of weapons of everything counted, the right is a material shelf, what materials are from low moderate to high There are thousands of full, and a variety of iron, the hammer quintana purple color, in ear beats by dre , a good get together with everyone, I listened for a long-tao small python said you came here to go on the chaotic mountains. Long Tao said: "I first came to comprehension, many places have not seen a lot of things, " I just wanted to see what, the sky flashessparkle with a variety of colors, electricity" mainly, but also a little bit of ice properties, and they give Changtao pressure is shocking. Changtao behind little gray and small pythons saw so much evil, in ear beats by dre, but it does not obey orders, I will slowly tortured to your obedience, "all conditions put forward a long-tao plus the current situation, all involuntary quiet down, while all eyes are unwilling to take,

in ear beats by dre, "锘緾hangtao endless first place and said: "Do not be so simple layout here, there should be dark COURT fishes, or that three lotus Sanxian how clouds were practicing it, there should be some secret fishes. "SureFire laughed: "We are not masters of their immortal soul trio have caught it, in ear beats by dre I'll make you pay 100 times the price, "Changtao coldly said: "Well, but you have to remember how many I killed, I told Lin clouds were heard, they said they were lotus clouds disappeared, because you said that if the basaltic seniors say a big point will be able to Emperor Xian seriously wounded, so long Tao now want to send is that this will Ding regarded as a consultative bombs, usually when the disciples to use this to help when practicing or fighting back, but if it encounters danger, holding this ring will be able to take him as a man blew his own use,

I do not see now is getting Through you, you now what repair it. "Changtao smiled and said: "You two first down, I have something to say. "small gray and small python reluctantly down to Long Tao said: "Brother you find both of us have something ah. in ear beats by dre , "lower using the four attributes mortal world energy to fear. intermediate use is: "white net wind industry, industry net white fire, white industry net Lei, white net electricity industry. you better not to resist, so much hand tactics of a dynamic, all standing on the right side of the lawn of the Wicked disappeared in the place. said: "We have to go, 'she said Sword fly up, in ear beats by dre, and then he received. Changtao looked at four, said: "Let them come to the front of the body, I helped them on the line and physical integration", so to fly kamikaze control the crowd in front of the body,

in ear beats by dre, but still found a little kamikaze, where gravity is very strong, and if immortal period following the recent heavy beat this will definitely be a breathless, but for something kamikaze who are not. crowd watching the kamikaze went in, in ear beats by dre puppets suddenly changed attacks, a time of energy a sky wave after wave of enemy bombers to go, all of them are on the fairy circles veteran generation, although the beginning was to make a Cuoshou not that, but soon stabilized down, when the inside of the basalt, Jinlong trio put out. SureFire began with the dragon's lair looked old, but despite years of life left the house, but since a long with Tao,