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Long Tao said: "Uncle trouble you take them both to go to. "Uncle said: "I do not have tape, saw the red door yet, there is time to accelerate five times the practice place. "small gray and small pythons Long Wave goodbye to bounce into the red door inside the practice went. beats by dre best , you can also come to see the big brother, listen to our elders of the tribe, said like this genius Po is given a nice ring, not necessarily who should be able to get into the who, maybe that How about you people are. dragon enters the body, but also the beginning of a long shift Tao, the body slowly vacated, hair color into a golden, golden skinned exudes slightly , beats by dre best, so this four who did not stay the hand. YinXiang feel that their offensive power is too great, it flew straight back, since we had to use brute force to break open that road enchantment, so they are a little off the edge feeling,

beats by dre best, so do not be like me, or you receive forward to give you a better person. a small python say well, he can refining "in the product fairy" and "elixir of goods", people have their own tribal heritage of memories, beats by dre best "SureFire laughed: "Master, you'll send me to try to make the meaning of the landlord. "Changtao laughed: "Who would like to go, " looked at the following four kamikaze four, are ready with unicorn, you say If we recognize him master, he can not eat this every day, "peak less laughed: "It is possible, if a door so I agreed, if not on the tube door we talk to him more points elixir he changed,

belong to the master, not necessarily in my hands with a handy, long-Tao put the hammer in the side saw a box, long-Tao took up the box and then open the moment you open the box which came from an heartburn, which seems to be able to heat all fusion-like, beats by dre best , "lower using the four attributes mortal world energy to fear. intermediate use is: "white net wind industry, industry net white fire, white industry net Lei, white net electricity industry. " although I do not know who, he gave us the properties of energy very familiar, so your future is our master, you get to where we go there. Long Tao said: "Well, beats by dre best, along with the sound of thunder god, SureFire hands flat push shouted: "Fire Spirit Fist" fists to pound another body at Sanxian Albatron directly to that a body blasting it. so very simple two strokes, without extraordinary moves to put the two Sanxian confessed, say that it is a very powerful kamikaze four roles,

beats by dre best, and wanted to be at the beach listening to the same as when the tsunami, giving a very mysterious feeling, but this time the long-tao, who had retreated to the exit of the hole, Kamikaze here to watching. beats by dre best but the long-Tao is his master, but basalt is a strong defense of the animal, as long as they learn, basaltic not too hard, but that did not need long-Tao, just scraping by that whirlwind, it will be inside five minutes properties put this creature scraping broken, all slowly here becomes a mountain range in the chaos forbidden " . Changtao smiled and asked: "So, even the top four attributes you can scrape broken,