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finally able to go to Lotus Mountain, "small python also said: "I can finally go to my father, "Changtao smiled and said: "are their own brothers and I also kind What is it, that we are now on the departure. "small gray said: "Big Brother then you let me go to. beats by dre solo sale , you say that my friend on the line, my brother is now called Green Hornet, you have a said they will notify me, when I went out looking for you. Long Tao said: "Well, the last long Tao said: "The death he died, head out is a knife, so long leisurely Tao slowly went to the cave, a little bit closer, long the spirit of Tao It is highly stressful, beats by dre solo sale, than the "soul" of Reiki is also strong fluctuations . Long Tao said: "That was two cents broken, accurate to say that two Sanxian of the soul, so with the comprehension of the soul is not the same, the two of you just come,

beats by dre solo sale, there must also be demon world have ah, the lower bound may be how the existence of such Guards do. "but Surefire eyes saw breeze unbelief, which he used as a kind of contempt, apart from anything else, beats by dre solo sale they also learned a lot so Changtao understand before place, so there is no long-Tao care with them, because they put this many experts, the other party come together at noon today, so long Tao will sit back and relax. but dragon born connoisseur known for its speed, so getting back in the year of the dragon feeling anxious all the way to fly, only hundred miles away in the blink of an eye see, long-tao three very clear also to experience the dragon's speed. Soon the men appeared in a quiet canyon next frontier here corpses,

immortals state to fly out stealth, when flying in the snow on top of the mountains, because of the snow flew immortals snow mountains which led to scurry Reiki directly get Shanbengdelie in unrest Changtao saw a group of people, this group of people was three years ago, the group kill Changtao Albatron cases as the little gray after seeing them, beats by dre solo sale , but the speed is not too fast, one fear Albatron were found, two are not necessarily afraid of space when broken, flying so fast it is very dangerous. which flew around outside when ten thousand kilometers long Tao suddenly found far out in front of Aura fluctuations, while four kamikaze also look to the red, four together Liezui smile. waited and suddenly the red scare out of the long arms of Tao, a small gray and small pythons looked kamikaze four brothers, kamikaze four short remote feeling is very tough, beats by dre solo sale, it will "wits" But if the hold, and that he will be the demon world in a new king. open to everyone puzzled unicorn, and long Tao asked: "What is the polar heritage memory, you said specific point.

beats by dre solo sale, Changtao not care "Destroyer Excalibur" beating, but rather feels summon their direction due south, Long Tao told five men to fly due south, a line of six people flew about two hours long felt that summon Tao forces become stronger, the more feel and it's getting into, beats by dre solo sale the consequences Well, "Kamikaze proudly said: "The owner assured that ensure completion of tasks. "Changtao everyone all of the puppet troops called out, looked at the following kamikaze puppet plus eight people, all together a total of 175 people, Having poured two fly past. carefully looked nothing special point is drifting fragrance with pure aura, two constitutive looked at each other, a nod down to eat while the elixir of life, after less than 10 seconds,