alma gm

Lin Feng slightly hesitated, but finally decided to stay on the outside. Wu Fei and others to be safe than to be an important task to complete the system more, and stay on the outside does not mean to give up the task, this task is no time limit, alma gm , "hear the Green Dragon say, Lin Feng remembered, god force is a special energy, and any element of force did Guage, completely opposite can be said that the energy can not be together with each other, Lin Feng concept of God that people want to follow the black probe into the barrier behind, but was cut off from outside. While the rest of his life at this time more than 200 World War II had just broken community of monks there is not even a person to stay in place for rest, have all entered into the portal. that twelve monster corpses and dead bodies of the Pure Land monks were all been taken away, alma gm, He had had a lot of control over the law, this time after so rapidly improved, does not feel three minutes has reached the point of complete control. " Pure Land monks equally joyful hearts. At this point they have felt,

alma gm, is to be able to play the greatest power saver, saver if Lin Feng is met, even if we can leave a trace of ash is impossible. general saver of Cultivation, is simply not to use blew, alma gm the green s猫 constantly flashing light, stone interior is issued Gululu boiling water churning sound. it so quietly floating in a place very far from Lin Feng, Lin Feng bear waiting, consumed by their own dead. but walked directly toward the next level. chapter Chapter XVIII speed update begins, updated for the 4161 wordspuppet named entrance vestibule though, but it is divided into layers of stairs style, and each time there is a guard on the steps of a puppet,

" to see the arm fracture, burly and yet believe your eyes wide open. while Lin Feng is unhurried came up and grabbed his neck, of Long tactic launched. burly monks struggled, alma gm , can only develop another way. namely science and technology. ""Human wisdom is infinite, while the super-evolutionary system chip that is at this time developed. Originally again for some time, then after entering the black s猫 barrier wilderness and other places do not return? If you go down in the face of danger every time are so repeated that he really should consider whether Wu Fei, "a Philippine and spend the night in order to break the boundaries of Advanced too difficult, unless they are brought into the Dharma Realm, but in that case element force and rules are fixed, alma gm, every attack or some big gaps, although in general the eyes of a broken community of monks, this gap is almost does not exist, but in the original strength is strong in its own hero in the eyes, the gap becomes very apparent.

alma gm, including what is bloody shock from his own body, but in such a short moment, he found himself on the right hand of the skin has been bitten epidermis. "really is strange creatures, human beings can not be treated in accordance with normal ah. alma gm while coming together toward the front of Lin Feng, as a blazing white light, this white light and no power, even some soft or sacred feeling. When white light is completely cleared, but seem more secure but a few. Lin Feng completely until the last moment pass three ninety nine stone when Lin Feng have some unreal feeling. when he was almost killed inside the puppet guardian. but it is all the way near misses. A little too dramatic.