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Temple and the Nile same is also true of pure Wu Wu door repair, but the two sides a tendency defense, while the other is a tendency to attack it. do not need any weapons assistance. Wu door head waving fists, besace rosebery , Detonated his explosives after the body dies, the soul is also through to the thirty-three years later, Long Xiang hundred years fighting to the last truly successful only eight years only. "Perhaps the time of transmission time and space accident happened, this ability too Guards should not release it is too easy, Lin Feng followed through kilometer corridor, let Lin Feng surprise is that here there is nothing living creatures, only a few cases are placed on top of a flat Zhang Tianqi reel, constantly swimming. there is a circle of figures carved walls. besace rosebery, he did not delay the time to wait for the other side of his dead idea, if there is the kind of idea. Momentum soon plummeted, it is likely to beat the other side will be killed insta

besace rosebery, Lin Feng garland fairy engulfed in the energy saver is to be induced but also, once again his great physical fitness strengthen and enhance the magnitude of breaking even far more than one hundred community of monks devour energy in the body results. It sounds somewhat reasonable, but it really is the case. reach enlightenment France because after a period of physical monks generally not improved, besace rosebery ne hundred meters of the security zone, if the direct rushed to kill each other, is likely to hit their own will be poisoned. then it is simple for Lin Feng, because the transmission of this martial art, regardless of the transmission is martial art, but also includes the use of this martial art experience, as long as their border enough,

" Lin Feng some surprises. like a dragon demon class among youth, does have achieved enlightenment France to continue the evolution of precedent, but in the human being, but it is never heard of such a situation, besace rosebery , seniors sly way to enter the abyss, please go to our pure land or the first to receive it, this name Pure Land monk said thank you, then step straight away, go in the direction pointed toward each othergods powerful force he understands, Then empty the apocalypse directly Shizhan She reels taken down. Who knows at this moment, the end of the corridor behind the door suddenly 'bang' bang closed, and body-week round figures carved wall that is also opened his eyes, while its eye on Lin Feng. besace rosebery, these colored light suddenly began to move quickly, hidden in the dark power of the elements and principles are also simultaneously, Lin Feng suddenly toward the front Fengleyiban gather together. )Chapter XII heroLin Feng's Dharma among the endless element force and the rules are being swarmed toward Dharma centers located in front of Lin Feng convergence, the momentum is very grand,

besace rosebery, or be Lin Feng easy to kill, if not the intention of that supreme, Lin Feng deliberately carefully observe how these strange things, do not have a few minutes of his Zacheng pulpy. Keeper puppet is a crustacean creature releases a mucus that can stick to anything including time, besace rosebery "only fifty layer of stone, according to the previous thirty three steps off a pass, and at least from the third, I did not expect so soon utilized by means of the strongest. " Lin Feng shook his head, when the transfer is complete martial art at the moment, it is probably already a martial culmination moment of it. Lin Feng opened his eyes, my mind turned Fudo printed presentation. Fudo India (Cheats class): primary composition class martial art,