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He is still not completely suppressed Lin Feng. "how his body would be so strong? " Wu door head playing scared. Lin Feng Wu method of the forward, the body is almost reached the peak time can evolve into, lv outlet online usa , repair of the law is that we auspicious unique cultivation method, because of physical reasons, others learned much use ah. "little premature do not lie, so to hear the answer, Results not to a second, he would not have to go tangled question of whether to move forward. because from the front portal within that channel the energy barrier among black s猫, suddenly there came a huge attraction, Lin Feng determined to want to resist, lv outlet online usa, this road is a point of no return, unable to return to heaven, can not go anywhere lower bound because we can not practice. repair can only stay in the moment before his death. ""repair can only stay in the moment before he died?

lv outlet online usa, gently push forward, a pair of meat palm stopped to darting to Jianmang, and stuck his left hand forward, nine empty stack intake has blocked beams to fly to Bangladesh That Jian Qi. 'a heavy one light two voices were stabbed Jianguang from two places sounded, lv outlet online usa the green s猫 constantly flashing light, stone interior is issued Gululu boiling water churning sound. it so quietly floating in a place very far from Lin Feng, Lin Feng bear waiting, consumed by their own dead. which is not from the eyes or touch up discovery. But from nature up to see through, even the law of the water it contains is so true. 'in Lin Feng thinking, the rumbling sound of the water is coming from afar wearing,

and then neatly arranged with a pull back. The match turned out to be a time of some admirable feeling. bailing before fleeing. how can there be so easy. " Long Green Buyiburao, lv outlet online usa , more full-bodied gods force has gradually spread to the stone steps, Lin Feng clearly felt himself summoned abyss has some weak to feel, there are plenty of gods force summoned by the abyss defense invasion into the body of Lin FengHakai eye in the sky opened, the integration of the world and break the boundaries of their own eye in the sky carrying the double World gigantic world and completely controlled by Lin Feng, Lin Feng deliberately ceded a small area to isolate the invasion force gods beside road"No wonder they did not reach break the boundaries of these can not enter here, but Lin Feng has Dharma, other people also have the cosmos, breaking the boundaries of the monks fighting, Dharma only as a backup, but it is difficult to bring each other to each other among their Dharma, lv outlet online usa, out of a Dharma out the same body, 'H' at the top of Lin Feng's Dharma to the side, the two held each other Although slightly under the wind, but now it has been obvious heroes themselves out of the control of Lin Feng Dharma Realm. dharmadhatu the same as the saver of this useless hero Lin Feng certainly know that in fact he did not even think to use the Dharma to enemy,

lv outlet online usa, the threat should also be on top of the hero of the repair, "first contact Meng Liang hero of that name also nodded and said: "He said, called puppet entrance, on the way there are a large number of animal puppets guarded checkpoints. those animal puppets are based on celestial master of the families of the refining, lv outlet online usa while coming together toward the front of Lin Feng, as a blazing white light, this white light and no power, even some soft or sacred feeling. When white light is completely cleared, "It seems that just this side stone among the shadows of chaos. " Lin Feng thought: "Just the man should be similar to the presence of a hero, but look at this monument on the introduction, it is likely that previously undergone road who died here after being transformed into this kind. the hands of the stone has disappeared,