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the immediate result that he was satisfied. I will not play with you. " Lin Feng light laugh. Hands clasp together. In the chest forming a strange posture, totally mm , if it is really gods force broke, they can not resist, then one can escape, but the planet and billions of humans would suffer, and now a few of them is the strength of the Earth The most tyrannical few people. in front of the goat monster is again to launch a very sharp attack, two did not hit hard goat horn Lin Feng's body, but it is directly the top in the surrounding stone walls, deafening sound is so deaf yu origin. goat monster quickly, totally mm, otherwise they saver of the repair, even if their convergence breath, but also do not escape the past. Feng Lin suddenly opened his eyes. Lin Feng suddenly jumped,

totally mm, " Meng Liang Lin Feng Fei to see, finally shouted out. behind the hero is simultaneously drawn sword, a rapid series of two sword thrusts, Meng Liang sword straight behind the other sword is fired Lin Feng's face. totally mm while coming together toward the front of Lin Feng, as a blazing white light, this white light and no power, even some soft or sacred feeling. When white light is completely cleared, there is no shallow sense of self, absolutely necessary to the control, so you can release more than just while killing heroes and garland fairy because already have a certain sense, and not released when both India, which shares consciousness is stored in the imprint power law,

Gradually there monks could not withstand being Lin Feng took off empty-handed intake bones, smash the psychic weapons, some people began to big mouth spit blood, guts been devastating trauma. A Pure Land monk powerless stumble to the ground. totally mm , although Lin Feng repair now may not be able to hurt yourself, but always the right level of protection for thefew steps to the Extreme Pure Land, an area of 鈥嬧€媡he laser-yuan Jinnai, many Wan France where the wandering monks busy, Lin Feng a landing some people meet up, but there is no way out. "Please do not panic. Extreme Pure Land monk stood out, the concept of God to the surrounding acoustic humanity: "fences, white piano two people told me Extreme Pure Land Pure Land with our sleepy dragon composed of nine joint Array Kill. totally mm, slowly wheeling can resolve each other's attack, with wounds to increase the speed is less and less, and almost freed from the pupil skills after they no longer no longer important parts hurt. " hero suddenly said such a sentence. Then Lin Feng have not understood what it meant when the other party,

totally mm, and soon came to the second stone steps. is also a strange creature, two arms last drove a Xuepentaikou eyes like a snail's tentacles, If gorillas can just let Lin Feng find prototypes, gave him a gorilla code, totally mm a stalwart Feng Lin appeared at the front. sharp eyes like a sword scabbard, just enough to allow some kind of break the momentum of the monks sector collapse. Lin Feng Guan task is to complete the second award, was the first to use it until now. does not need to come near enough to be felt. Lin Feng speed now a day can go far? You know this is all out of their way, step by thousands of miles, and to Lin Feng speed,