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Celine skillet sizzling Chinese migrant workers Pidai(louisvitton) "

Paris Fashion Week discount louis vuitton handbags the Celine show floor, we see a familiar pattern, red, white and blue and white pattern quite similar to the most common Chinese folk "louis vuitton hats migrant brothers to staff a train station.

Speaking of this pattern, is already the second International Fashion louis vuitton damier graphite saw it, LV 2007 has favored this magical pattern, then engage in the uproar, until now do not have a clear right and wrong perspective, however, the result is the louis vuitton noe fire, whether it is for the people really sought after, or pretending to spoof.

Some people say that ebay louis vuitton the design is to design some Frightening stuff, or people can not think of something incredible, to be able to be called design. More surprise, more big realm.

Such as when Chanel for women louis vuitton clothes in all French women wearing skirts when design pants, also the French aristocracy shock of a course, positive role, it also lead those women off the skirt and put on pants. When Madonna when wearing the louis vuitton mahina cone bras Jean Paul Gaultier designed for her, and even create a "sharp" louis vuitton bracelet.

Maybe some do not understand the design for the fashion louis vuitton coin purse industry, we need to go with a tolerant eye slowly come to accept, after all, the so-called fashion is constantly creating topic, if a design can lead to a discussion of public hot, or change the public aesthetic concept, of course, enough FASHION!