Landscapes of Lycia - Xanthos Valley

The Xanthos Valley is long and relatively wide for river valleys in Lycia - fifteen to twenty kilometers across for most of its length. Communication between cities in the valley was easy and this area was the political center of Lycia for much of antiquity. Four of the most important cities of Lycia were located here: Tlos, Xanthos, Pinara and Patara, most of them located on the slopes of the flanking mountain ranges.

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Tlos,view from the acropolis Pinara, overlooking the Xanthos Valley

One of the spectacular views from the top of the acropolis of Tlos, looking west across the Xanthos valley.  The gold colored fields are wheat and the light green ones are aniseed.


Pinara, overlooking the Xanthos Valley

Xanthos Valley
View across the valley from foothills near Pinara

Xanthos Valley near Yeşilköy Xanthos Valley

Xanthos Valley near Yeşilköy (near Kalkan), with a view of some greenhouses - there are many of these in the villages and towns of the Xanthos Valley, mainly growing tomatoes, also eggplants (aubergines) and cucumbers.


Xanthos Valley along the Fethiye-Kalkan highway



The valley along the Fethiye-Kalkan highway


Xanthos River
Xanthos River (Eşen Çay) near Kınık, at the base of Xanthos' acropolis. The river empties into an estuary at nearby Patara Beach.

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