Examples of Lycian Rock-cut Tombs

Rock-cut house-type tombs at Myra

House-type tombs of Myra

Rock-cut tombs at Pinara

Rock-cut tombs at Pinara

tomb detail at Pinara

Detail of a bull's horns on a tomb with an arched facade at Pinara (see above photo), an example of the continued influence of the Lycians' Anatolian heritage - an ancient symbol of courage and power.

Chamber of rock-cut tomb at Pinara

Chamber of a rock-cut tomb with stone couches, Pinara

"Pigeon-hole" rock-cut tombs at Pinara

"Pigeon-hole" rock-cut tombs at Pinara. 

Rock-cut tombs at Pinara

House-type tombs at Pinara

Rock-cut house-type tomb at Pinara

House-type tomb with characteristic "wooden" beams and ceilings of ancient Lycian houses, Pinara


Cyaneae house-type tombs, high on a steep mountainside

Another rock-cut tomb with an arched facade, like the
 tomb at Pinara (see above), next to a sarcophagus