Satellite Pictures of Lycia

Images courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center.

  The Teke Peninsula (Lycia)
  Kekova Island and surrounding area
  Kas (Antiphellos) - the large island opposite the harbour is the Greek Island Meis (Castellerizo).
  Kalkan Harbour (Phoenicus)
  Patara Beach, just west of Kalkan's harbour.
  Yedi Burun "Seven Capes" - just northwest of Patara Beach, infamous to sailors for the strong winds that blow off their craggy tops.
  Fethiye Bay (Telmessus)
  Fethiye Bay and the Surrounding Mountains
  Babadağ Mountain and Oludeniz Beach, near Fethiye
  Finike 1 (like Kalkan, also had the ancient name of Phoenicus)
  Finike 2