Lycian Sites

Around twenty major Lycian sites remain today.  Here are some examples that can be visited either independently or on a tour, making for a very nice day out in gorgeous nature.

About visiting Lycian Sites



UNESCO World Heritage Site (combined with Letoon).
One of the six principal cities of Lycia.  The capital city of Lycia for much of its history.
The sacred cult centre of Lycia.  Three side-by-side temples to Leto, Artemis and Apollo, the national deities.
An area with beautiful scenery and underwater ruins, includes info about Tiemiussa.
Best-known for its fortress-topped acropolis, with its rock-cut tomb-covered sides and its 360 degree panoramic views.  I especially like the Roman era baths.  One of the six principal cities of Lycia.
One of the six principal cities of Lycia.  Known for its many rock-cut tombs and the largest amphitheatre in Lycia (in a good state).  Nearby is the Church of St. Nicholas, who was once the bishop of Myra and grew to international fame.
One of the six principal cities of Lycia.  Set in an untouched, gorgeous mountain setting of fragrant pines, ancient olive trees, wildflowers, thyme-scented breezes with a stunning view over the Xanthos valley.
Another of the six principal cities of Lycia, the major naval and trading port of Lycia.  An extensive city with many ancient structures, including what may be the world's oldest lighthouse.  Located right next to Patara Beach, voted one of the best beaches in the world.

Some less visited, though not less interesting, sites:

One of Lycia's best-kept secrets, a large site known for having had the most pleasure and entertainment-loving citizens.  Built upon five large terraces ascending a mountain slope, overlooking a beautiful valley.
A site that is interesting not only for its ruins, but for the lovely village, with very friendly villagers, that has been built among the ruins.  It has a temple-type monumental tomb with an ornately carved ceiling.
Famous for its many sarcophagi, the most of any Lycian site (there may be over 300 of them).