Roman Ante Temple

Patara has a beautiful Roman ante temple in a remarkably well-preserved state.  It is situated in the southeastern corner of Patara's Middle Age city, visible from the the main street, and overlooks the inner harbour.  It is very impressive-looking and is also known as the "Corinthian Temple."  The temple is quite large, measuring 13 x 9.7 metres.  Its beautiful gate is miraculously still standing, though quite fragile, and the temple is not being touched for fear that it may collapse.  It has been placed on the World Monuments Watch list.

It sits upon a podium that is 18 x 12.4 metres.  The naos (sacred inner chamber, also called a cella) is an almost square 8.9 x 7.75 metres.  In front of the naos was a pronaos about 9.45 metres long (including the extensions).  The roof was of wood in a "hanging roof" style, believed to have been at a 37% inclination, and would have sat upon the geison and decorations above the four Corinthian columns that were probably in front of the porch.  The temple's the ceiling was covered with marble. 

The temple is richly docorated with arrangements of thorny leaves on the Corinthian capitals, each is different.  Some of the capitals of the pilasters on the corners of the buildings are in the Doric style, others are Corinthian.  The doorway has richly-decorated consoles and a frame of marble.  Its beautiful gate is almost 3 metres high and is decorated with beads, rows of eggs and rows of open and closed leaves and palmets.

To reach the temple, take the path past the northern end of the main avenue and walk a few minutes.  You can easily see it from the avenue.

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Note: much of the information on this page is from the book Patara: The History and Ruins of The Capital City of Lycian League by Dr. Fahri Işıki (head excavator of Patara), Orkun and Ozan Medya Hizmetleri A.Ş. 2000.  I believe this is a limited edition book and unfortunately I don't know where it can be purchased.