Patara's Main Avenue, Southern Gate and Stoa

main avenue, looking north

Main Avenue

Patara's main avenue was grand, as befits a capital city.  It is one of the widest streets in Anatolia, as well as one of the best preserved.  The date of the street is unknown, but it is thought to have been built in the early Roman Era. The street's width is 12.6 metres with an eastern sidewalk that is 1.5 metres wide.  So far 98 metres has been dug out and the rest stretches along the harborside (now under the ground and water) to the north all the way to the Harbour Bath where its northern extension has been found.  The southern end of the street must stretch to the amphitheatre through the southern gate.  The avenue was once undoubtedly very impressive, some of the columns that once lined it as part of a covered passage are made of granite brought from Egypt.

Update: I have not been to Patara following the summer archaeological work (2007) but I am told that columns have been erected along the avenue and look quite impressive.

To reach the Main Avenue, walk along the path north from the amphitheatre, past the bouleuterion.

Southern Gate

This was once an impressive passage, probably built when the main avenue was constructed. 


Lining the Main Avenue near the Southern Gate was the stoa; shops once lined the avenue behind a shady covered passage with a depth of 6.3 metres, they had doors that were 3 metres high and 1.8 metres wide.

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The following pictures were taken in March and so the ruins are partially flooded from rains.

Main avenue, looking south at the stoa and Southern Gate


Remains of the Southern Gate in background


Part of the Southern Gate


Inscriptions near Southern Gate


Note: Information on this page is from the book Patara: The History and Ruins of The Capital City of Lycian League by Dr. Fahri Işıki (head excavator of Patara), Orkun and Ozan Medya Hizmetleri A.Ş. 2000.  I believe this is a limited edition book and unfortunately I don't know where it can be purchased.